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Sanity - Ginger
Ginger - Attitude equals Sanity

You told us that you are no Barbie Doll; and Bratz (Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha) don’t fit the mold of you.  It would probably take more questions than one story could offer to try to find a representation of you, so NottHeads won’t try to.  Often time in setting goals and/or direction individuals try to emulate facets of some recognized personality.  You take road less traveled.  Ginger has said that the details of your life and the challenges that you have overcome would be a bit much for most to handle; where wit you your attitude is your sanity.

This is the second interview that you have done with NottHeads, in the first interview we surmised from your answers that you’re not like most women.  No surprise that you have an aggressive side given that you are a MMA Fighter, but how do you manage all that you are challenged to do well.

You said that you compartmentalize life; what are those compartments (music, training, fighting, family, friends, etc)?

Ginger: Yes I do, or did, not sure how to state this one, basically since I’ve been returned to Houston I have reconnected with my Grambling family and gotten back into the life I left behind before fighting, Miami, and all the cluttered bullshit in my life. I have returned home as Ginger, but rediscovered myself, which is Sydney. So now I have incorporated family, friends, and fighting because of the acceptance I’ve been allotted and I’m very pleased to feel more complete and less defensive and segregating in my actions due to having nearly everyone on my side. It’s what I was lacking in Miami, I wasn’t supported or grounded, basically pushing myself with a lot of criticism and hatred to fight off, so to save others from seeing that, I compartmentalized.

How does compartmentalizing help you sanity?

Ginger: Before, I was forced to cut my life into sections, because one group couldn’t coincide with the other.  I was basically saving them from each other, one being too shrewd, while the other too primitive, another too negative, and while another is positive. But like I said, it was a blessing to be called back to the south because I have become reunited with those who want to see me successful and not so much successful but HAPPY!  I realized who to weed out and keep around, so now, it’s all one big family, my fight fam will know my Gram fam and that’s it, happily ever after.

How does someone else tell when you are pissed?

Ginger: I have a friend who knows this answer pretty fuckin well; he’s seen it, heard it all and dealt with more coming from me than anyone else ever has had the unpleasantry of doing, so he is really the one who told me what I am like.  I kind of black out in the heat of the moment, but my bitchy side as a female does definitely come out, pointing the finger, stomping the foot type shit, talking loud and fast, but that’s when I’m mad at my friends, when it’s a person in the street, I keep a smile and hold conversation if necessary and then fuck them the hell up.  I’ve been told I didn’t even look pissed; it’s the assassin in me; I guess.

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