Moment of Clarity

Moment of Clarity

Moment of ClarityIf you have ever been or known someone who has suffered in their love life, most of their life, then this book will bless them. So many people suffer from a disease of the mind, more like an illness, that there is no medicine to cure and yet they have no clue they suffer from it. This book is a variety of stories that comprise the moment of clarity when that disease was made clear. It’s a journal of events that led to the discovery and recovery of this mental illness that many battle with and few realize; love addiction.

About Me

Tameka Anderson
Tameka Anderson

Born Tameka Anderson in Chicago, IL, L.A. spent her childhood years in the foster care system in Illinois. L.A. started writing at a young age to ease her pain of feeling abandoned and unloved by her parents. Writing has helped her fill the void she has had for years and it has helped her find peace within herself.


I love God first….period!

Definition: Love Addict

“Painful attention, which is the attention that will result in negative consequences, was normal to me. Although I did not like the consequence of suffering, at least the pain was always consistent. “Pain” could always be counted on to arrive at my door and I would more than willingly receive it with open arms. So why would I waste my time waiting on good things to come in my life when I was the only one always standing myself up and leaving me out to dry? So I dated “Pain” for years. In the beginning “Pain” hurt me but, like most relationships, you get used to it and become numb to its negative antics.

Like a battered woman, I was in an abusive relationship with “Pain.” Even though I didn’t like the name calling, the punishment, or the spankings from my mother I was mentally bound and couldn’t leave. Like a kidnapped child with Stockholm syndrome, I developed a bond with my captor called “Pain”. I became its Bonnie and it was my Clyde.”


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