Who Told Me I Was Grown

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Now from “What You Think You Know, You Don’t book!

Teen pregnancy
Teen pregnancy

I dedicate this book to teen girls and their parents, or better yet, to the parent(s) of teen girls.

Dear Parent(s)

Have we thrown in the towel on our teen girls and accepted teen pregnancy as a part of our culture? If not, have you covered all bases informing your daughter about what a bad relationship is and the reality of being a teen mom?

This book is a must! Last year there were approximately 700,000 teen pregnancies. Maybe parents are in denial about their daughters having sex, forget what young love is like and the trials that young girls go through, involved in unhealthy behavior yourself and your passing this behavior on to your daughter. Not to insult you as a parent. But sometimes we need to get back to the basics in order to gain control or our relationships.

Many times……… what you think you know, you don’t.

Please do not send your young daughter out into the dating world uniformed, Lil Junior’s got game. Please, provide your daughter with some kind of defense, come back line, rebuttal, a strong hell-to-the-no!

What You Think You Know
What You Think You Know

This book is the uncut talk with teen girls in regards to sex and everything that comes with sex, from bad relationships, diseases, and being a teen mom.

Terrie Lynn
Terrie Lynn

Page 32.

“Guys and their penis, when not in harmony, some of these trifling dogs will stick their dick in a doughnut hole if they didn’t think anyone was looking.”

Now dare to dispute what you just read, or to think that’s too harsh for today’s 15 year old. You and I both know, sex does not equal love. Maybe you’d like to share your story of when you thought it did?

Terrie Lynn


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