Parental Approval for Teen Pregnancy, why??

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In the last few years, there has been an increase in teen pregnancy and analysts don’t know why. Every day more and more teenage girls of all races are giving birth to children. You would think with free and easy access to contraception and the abundance of information regarding AIDS statistics and other sexually transmitted diseases that teens having unprotected sex would be on the decline. But unfortunately the reality is quite contrary.

Teen Mother
Teen Mother

Reality is: Two-thirds of these teen moms will not graduate from high school, will receive some form of welfare assistance, and have sons who are at a greater risk of being caught up in the penal system.


Excerpt from book, page 10

“Is it possible that because society has become more sympathetic with single moms, that females have become relaxed and irresponsible? Maybe teenagers are getting real life sex mixed up with sex seen on T.V.”

Or maybe, just maybe, teen pregnancy has become parent approved! Has it become such a common sight to see a teen with a pregnant belly, that it is now socially acceptable? Do parents take in stride the fact that they are grandparents after being a parent for only 13 or 14 years? Why are our babies rushing to have babies?

What You Think You Know
What You Think You Know

Just think for a minute……….. If trying to convince a grown woman to postpone sex for 90 days goes into one ear and out the other, how are we going to convince a teenager to restrain from having sex? The thought of a woman over 25 keeping her legs closed for 3 months is like asking black folk to give up barbeque ribs for tofu. Now, let us try getting a teenager to ignore all the sexual images they’re bombarded with daily; that would be like mission impossible. Believe it or not, that busy box in your living room you have entertaining/babysitting your kids, has a huge influence on our teens.

Excerpt from book, page 25

“Reasons why you may want to have sex:

If you don’t have sex with him, the other girl will. Let her!”

You have women who are way past legal age, and still don’t realize that within a relationship their man should treat them with respect or get to steppin. So how will we convince a teenager?

Excerpt from book, page 36

“Look out for guys that aren’t house broken. Sometimes a guy will do things that are disrespectful. Rather than perceive what he did as being disrespectful, you’ll charge it to him growing up on the other side of the fence and not knowing any better. Well, if he doesn’t know any better and you do, then the two of you aren’t equally meshed, are you? Sometimes we take things too lightly. Sometimes it’s not that he wasn’t taught any better, it’s about him not giving a damn about you to show you respect.”

Terrie Lynn
Terrie Lynn

Even a woman that has ‘been around the block” has difficulty accepting the phrase “my body is my temple” is not just some form of Holy-Roller Rhetoric. Trying to get her to see that she should love and respect her body at any age is quite a task. Now we’re going to convince our teenagers to hold that part of them sacred and not just give it away, when they have images of girls who are popular or even famous because of how promiscuous they are. Our young girls take in these images from reality shows, where regular people are thrust into stardom, wear designer clothes, and live a seemingly glamorous life because of who they had sex with or who they have a baby by. So sex seems a small price to pay in exchange for cars, clothes or even fame.

Excerpt from book, page 26

“Reasons why you may want to have sex:

You enjoy the reward! “At least I’m getting paid for it, instead of giving it away for free.” Designer items are not that serious even if you have always been deprived of them. Trading sex for material possessions is still prostitution. Once you start this, it becomes easier and easier, and can simply become a way of life. This is not the income you want to become accustomed to, or dependent on.”

Oh, maybe that’s the reason for the increase in teen pregnancy! In trying to get our daughters to understand sex, and relationships, we adults might have to subject ourselves to a mirror.

Or is it the……. do as I say and not as I do rule………….That’s keeping it real!

Parent(s)! Dare to buy this book and read it with your daughter. Not only will this help bring dialogue, it can open the lines of communication and be a positive experience. Have the courage to break down walls. Even if you think you’re on top of things……..sometimes, what you think you know, you don’t.

Terrie Lynn


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