Clients’ photo shoot, poised for growth

Client's Shoot

Hamilton Business Partners (HBP) and NottHeads are helping entrepreneurs grow in a tough economic environment.  HBP and NottHeads recently did a product shoot with photographer John Washington for: Healthy Baked Goods, Bumps Cookies, The Chocolate Box, and By Yaz Clothing.  The photographs will be used for marketing, product catalogs, and web development.

  • Healthy Baked Goods owner Dwain Perkins
  • Bumps Cookies owner Fran Sobers
  • The Chocolate Box owner Daisy Latimore
  • By Yaz owner Yasmeen Dillard

Hamilton Business Partners and NottHeads are business consultants that assist organizations in effectively developing strategies that can be applied to the web to make money.  The shoot lasted 6 hours, the biggest challenges were transitions between businesses; where 3 of the clients were food and the other was clothing.  The goal was to capture the essence of each client’s products, think about the application potential for the photos and the target audience.

Hamilton Business Partners ( – we make art from bits and pieces

NottHeads ( – fresh everyday!

Attributes of a Good Consultant


Consultants often get bad press or are perceived to be an expensive resource brought in by senior management (and resented by their team), bringing little value. I’ve put together a collection of attributes that I think a good consultant needs to have or bring to the table which will hopefully go towards reversing these perceptions.

  • Business Benefits: the bottom line is that consultants should make their clients money. It may not always seem that way, but the end goal is to better the business, whether that’s speeding up a process, providing better quality or making cost savings, it’s all about improving the bottom line, whether it be in the short, medium or long term.

Read more: Attributes of Good Consultant


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