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No Drama
No Drama - New Year's Resolution

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When drama lives or visits your house, it may be time for someone to get a new address; better yet a new attitude. Let’s start the New Year with a fresh attitude and see how long it can last.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed this from my columns and books. I write about relationships, not necessarily how to get into one or how to keep one, but how to rid yourself of relationship drama.


Now, some folks it seems, have an addiction to drama, because they need the attention, they’re bored or for whatever reason. For others, they’re caught up in “generational curses”. This means one or more parent had (or still has) major relationship drama in their day-to-day lives, which they may have inherited.

When you witness a parent going through psychical or emotional drama on a regular basis your mind recognizes this as somewhat normal behavior. You become desensitized to what is dysfunctional because it’s a typical part of your environment. So in turn your relationships mimic the ones from previous generations.

On the upside, generational curses can be broken. Sometimes we recognize that our relationships are not healthy but think we don’t have the tools to stop the cycle of madness that has been ingrained into our lives.

Phrase for 2011, “Don’t underestimate your ability to change yourself, and don’t over estimate the ability to change someone else.”

Terrie Lynn
Terrie Lynn

Tips on being DRAMA FREE

  • You need to clean out your closet. I mean literally clean out your closet. You will not have room for anything positive or worthwhile if you have too much clutter and baggage. Get rid of all the negative aspects and get a fresh clean start.
  • Start making better choices. Now I know there are times when you thought it was the right thing to do at the time. But be honest with yourself. When it come to most bad decisions we make, we knew it wasn’t a good idea in the first place.
  • Slow down. Avoid making decisions when you’re very sad, very happy or in a hurry. Don’t be so quick to react or jump to conclusions. If at all possible, take your time, consider the cause and effect.
  • Other phrase for 2011 – “I’ll get back with you.”, “Let me meditate on that.”

The biggest tip

Spend time alone. Get to know YOU! Take time out and try to see what it is you want out of life and your relationships. This also means taking time out from your friends too. Even friends with the best intentions can distract you from what you really want. Plus, you need to evaluate those relationships too. Sometimes a friend relationship can be just as toxic as a relationship with your significant other.

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