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Valentine Sexy 2011
Valentine Sexy 2011

So what you haven’t met all your fitness goals.  Valentine’s is a time to go all out! The point is that you want to do something that makes you feel sexy and makes you look sexy to him or her.  You’ve made all these resolutions, but you haven’t made a lot of progress.  Don’t worry about that, you can still make a sexy impression on your significant other.  After all, you are the one they chose; you just have to make them remember why.

Ladies remember what heels and lingerie do for your legs and other areas, but most of all know how it makes him feel.  I know heels are not always comfortable, but if you do this right, trust me, you won’t be in them long.  If you’re not into heels and lingerie, then find that thing that makes you feel sexy and will allow you to make him feel the same way.  And by all means, don’t forget the fragrance, hair, and makeup.  This is the time to tantalize all the senses. I’ve given you two; you can work out the rest.  Touch, Taste and Feel are up to you.

Men, our role does not have to begin and end with flowers or chocolate….   If you want to help her feel sexy, more sexy or sexy again, show her a little extra effort this year.  She will love that you went through the trouble for her. We all get comfortable in relationships and sometimes forget all the fuss we went through to impress her, in the beginning.  We may have been more focused on our physique, or may have been a little more stylish, cooked more, flirted more, and smelled better….  The point is that the little things will have a great impact on the effect you want.  Not only will your efforts be appreciated, they will pay off in big dividends.

Are you wondering where the fit tips come in?  Play your cards right, and you’ll have a great workout.  This is one workout you want to last and you can expect to burn anywhere from 4-7 calories per minute; you do the math. Don’t forget to go all out and most of all have fun!  Tailor Made Fitness will assist your Sexy in 2011!

Richard Baugh, BS, CPT

Tailor-Made Fitness
Tailor-Made Fitness

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