It has been almost 15 years since “A Different World” brought us a group of college students addressing issues. Matriculation – Higher Learning shows how the new generation of college students deals with prevalent issues. This is a weekly television drama series that combines “A Different World”,  “One Tree Hill” and “Beverly Hills, 90210” with “Higher Learning”.The show revolves around 10 freshman college students attending school in Hotlanta. See how privilege, prestige, ambition, money and expectations affect the decisions, create conflict and produce consequences in young lives.

Hot bodies and hot new faces, this is a college based drama for the new millennium – Matriculation! You get the energy of trendy hipsters, fashion, cat fights, bulging biceps, sororities, fraternities, parties and college life based in the hot city of Atlanta. Watch the drama, fun and frenzy at the fictitious college of AFU on Matriculation.


Featured Cast: Lacy Diamond, Kal Cauthen, Monique Singelton, Asharah Rahim, Ciarra Hodges, Brittany Hampton, Carla McCray, Deborah Childs, Jadyn Gray-Hough, Destinee Buchanan, Alousreshena L Burch, Kenneth Camp II, Dani Monique

Matriculation LLC
In association with P.R.I.D.E. (Producing Rare Innovative Distinct Entertainment) Film Corp.

Executive Producers:
Ronald Lee, Angelo Taylor and Derek Wilham

Screenplay WGA # 1457466

(770) 652-7383


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