REality for Real?

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Reality for Real? You cannot channel surf on your TV without flipping to a reality show.  Several of these shows are about house wives .  Why is there this fascination with housewives?  Some aren’t really even housewives or at least not like any I know.

These shows can be very negative, but at the same time very addictive.  Almost like watching a train wreck, not a pretty picture. But you find it hard to look away.

Terrie Lynn
Terrie Lynn

Why is it so captivating?  Are these women’s behavior and reactions to situations so different from ours?  Are these women on camera bringing to light how many everyday females conduct themselves or is it over the top drama that make for good ratings?

We all play out some form of drama in our lives at one time or another.  But can our drama compare with the “housewives drama”? Are these reality shows showing a true reflection of women or are they being “reality scripted” just to keep us tuned in?  It seems like we have an obsession with “cat fighting” Or is it just that we are fascinated with bitchy women with their claws out, and for some, it may make us feel better about the negative things in our own relationships?

It’s hard enough for some women to separate soap operas from reality, so what is this negative “reality female” behavior really saying to young women.  Especially when it seems like the more malicious and mean you act the more air time you get.

What makes drama so appealing?

Terrie Lynn


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