Bumpy road to London

Angelo Taylor - US Olympic Trials 2012
Angelo Taylor – US Olympic Trials 2012

Many dream of being a participant in the Olympics, but few have the ability to actually compete at that level.  How would you feel if you had a dream where there was a slight bump in the road a few seconds within view of the finish line, mere yards in front of you?  That dream was part of Angelo Taylor’s real life.  On the back stretch of the 400m hurdles, Taylor found himself out in front, vying for a spot on the US Olympic team.  Then all of a sudden, he clipped the ninth hurdle with his trail leg, stumbles and nearly falls.  After hitting hurdle 9, Taylor was struggling to retain a position on the US Team; some bump.

The US Olympic Trials are part of the process if you want to make the trip to the London 2012 Olympic Games.  In an instant, years of preparation could be all for naught, if Taylor had not kept his balance and finished the race in one of the top 3 positions.  Taylor has a chance to rewrite the history books if he wins a third Olympic Gold Medal in the 400m hurdles in London.   Hall of Fame Inductee Edwin Moses and Angelo Taylor are the only two American athletes to have won two Olympic Gold Medals in the 400m hurdles.

Taylor has come up big in major events, but as an aging veteran, some wonder if he has what it takes to win Gold in London.  Consider that Taylor has a reputation for starting fast and fading down the stretch.  This bump on hurdle 9, while not predicted, could be an indicator of his fading.  But also consider that Taylor was way out front and on a pace to run one of his fastest times ever.  The road to London had a few bumps and stumbles, Taylor survived those.  The road to the medals platform may not be as bumpy.


Event Records
Record  Tag  Time  Athlete  Affiliation 


World W 46.78 Kevin Young USA

August 6 1992

American A 46.78 Kevin Young Foot Locker AC

August 6 1992

Meet M 47.37 Edwin Moses Team adidas

July 17 1988

OG A 49.50
Place  Athlete Name  Affiliation  Time            ReacTime 


1 Michael Tinsley adidas 48.33 0.178
2 Angelo Taylor Nike 48.57 0.168
3 Kerron Clement Nike 48.89 0.161
4 Bershawn Jackson Nike 48.94 0.142
5 Justin Gaymon Unattached 49.41 0.197
6 Reginald Wyatt Jr U S C 50.06 0.224
7 Michael Stigler Kansas 50.63 0.200
8 Johnny Dutch Nike 51.47 0.183

Taylor recently said, “I’m trying to make history.  I’ve got so much support and great people behind me, pushing me.  I really want to make history, but also set a good example for my sons.”  Angelo will continue his quest to do what Moses didn’t, with many pushing him toward that ultimate goal.


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