Benefits of Brown Sugar Scrub

Brown Sugar Scrub - Buhter Up

Benefits of a Brown Sugar Scrub  (

Buhter Up

The benefits of a brown sugar scrub described below are six reasons why you will love including brown sugar into your natural skin care routine.

1 – Exfoliation

Brown sugar has tiny particles that provide just the right amount of texture to gently exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation, or the removal of dead skin cells from the skin, should be done on a regular basis. It is a process that makes skin look and feel healthier by improving skin circulation and riding it of toxins. Exfoliation also increases the production of collagen that gives skin its tone and elasticity.>

2 – Smaller pores

Exfoliating the skin with a brown sugar scrub cleans and tightens pores giving the skin a more even uniform appearance; pores look smaller, skin tone more even.  It can also diminish the damage to the skin caused by acne and other skin conditions.  It eliminates fine lines and diminishes the signs of aging.

3 – Healthier skin

Sugar contains glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid an ingredient that keeps skin healthy.  It moisturizes and conditions the skin while protecting it from the harmful effects of toxins.  Using a brown sugar scrub improves your skin’s ability to retain its natural moisture balance.

4 – Dry skin remedy

More benefits come from brown sugar’s property to be an excellent treatment for people who suffer from dry, itchy scalps.  Using a scrub as a pre-treatment prior to shampooing can eliminate dandruff, moisturize the skin and ease itching and flaking. After a brown sugar scrub hair looks healthy and shiny.

5 – Soothing aromatherapy

The wonderful sweet smell of brown sugar provides a soothing aromatherapy. It is relaxing and a perfect addition to any spa treatment.

Brown Sugar Scrub

Brown Sugar Scrub

This scrub will make you feel soft and smooth. The natural Brown Sugar buffs away dry skin cells and helps to hold moisture in you skin. With its moisturizing ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E, this scrub ensures that your skin is left completely hydrated and revitalized.


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