The Middle Sister

The Middle Sister by Bonnie Glover
The Middle Sister

First novel from FAMU Alumni – Bonnie Glover.

About the book

My mother divorced my father because he nailed down rugs. So begins Bonnie Glover’s engaging, quirky, coming-of-age novel set in the black ghetto of East New York in the 1970’s. When Pamela’s father leaves, she and her two sisters must fend for themselves. Pam is aided in her quest for some kind of transcendence from her family’s problems by a laconic action hero.

Kwai Chang from the seventies television show Kung Fu. Kwai dispenses wisdom and elegant moves but, although he’s polite, he has a tendency to materialize during embarrassing family moments. As Pam’s mother becomes increasingly unstable, the three sisters pull in different directions. Pam may have a way out through school but she cannot escape entirely the danger and pain around her own insistent sexuality.

Full of local color, from the enormous feasts prepared by a hugely fat boyfriend to the excited response to a Brooklyn screening of Planet of the Apes. THE MIDDLE SISTER introduces a new literary voice. More ….


7 thoughts on “The Middle Sister

  1. How are you and your family? Fine I hope. I read your novel. It was good. I let my cousin read it and never got it back.

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